Deploying Phantom Spikes

Advanced Hand-Deployed Tire Deflation Devices

Phantom Spikes® are hand-deployed tire deflation devices or vehicle spike strips with the most advanced spike system. Phantom Spikes have internal spikes, which are safe and easy to handle.

They have spikes every 2.2 inches to ensure they hit when it's needed most.

Phantom Spikes were recently redesigned and are now more capable than any other spike system. They are streamlined and lightweight, which makes them very easy to deploy by all officers.

Our training focuses on tactics that your officers can use to stay safer than previous, outdated training. Our syllabus was designed by a 20-year patrol veteran and stresses key components for a successful and safe deployment.

Each section is wrapped in clear plastic to keep debris to a minimum when it's run over.

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You will find that it is cost-effective to change to Phantom Spikes.

Give your officers the best for less.